Mojo told me this a.m. with a lot of loud barks that a big dog was walking unleashed in our neighborhood. He gets pretty riled up at that sort of thing; after all, he’s on a leash or in a fence and they are pooping on his property.
Makes me think about all the “big dogs” walking about in this country without a whole lot of restraint. We’ve got an oil company that wants to put its pipeline through western Nebraska right over an important underground water source…and it’s been quite a fight with the gov. playing both sides and two Republican congressman on opposite sides of the question. It also seems some of those “too big to fail” dogs haven’t been put on a short leash yet, and if they’ve got one at all, it’s mighty long. These are all likely to do a lot of pooping on us ordinary folk if something doesn’t change. Just heard that banks in reaction to limitation on what they can charge a business owner for debit card use are now planning to poop on the consumer using that debit card. Didn’t have a tight enough leash there, I guess.