My small town is exceedingly small.  The last count I know of put us at 1200…but that’s not counting all the rural area surrounding us.  It is approximately 25 miles either way from Lincoln and Omaha, NE.  Recently I’ve found out the “city” doesn’t allow chickens of any kind within the city limits.  Kind of unuusal for a place that is regularly visited by Canada geese, ducks, racoons, possum, and deer.  Now I understand not wanting someone with flocks of chickens inside town — squawking and leaving their dropping everywhere(even though the geeser certainly do that on the lake walkways)…but there ought to be exceptions.  The neighbor kittycorner from my lot had a rooster for a time on his property, strutting around, enjoying life and occasionally letting out a crow.  It reminded me of my childhoood waking up to hear a rooster or pheasant crowing outside my open window.  Loved it!  Suddenly the rooster was gone.  I’d assumed some local wild or tame animal had finished him off, only to discover that the city council had ordered him to get rid of it — against ordinances they said.  Recently a local couple who have just opened a wonderful business downtown incorporating both their costume shop, a coffee shop and emporium,  requested persmission to raise a few chickens.  Now I know that many cities have allowed personal ownership of chickens.  One must request a permit and follow orders ( a nearby city allows two chickens and a rooster in a properly confined area).  It’s the trend.  The couple was not only refused but rudely treated by a council member who made fun of their request.  I’m so sick of government, authorities, etc. who just don’t use some sense.  Life is not about hard and fast rules.  Each situation should be assessed or reassessed before decisions are made.

Which leads me to reflection on a case I read of not long ago where a woman had a clothesline in her yard and was ordered to take it down.  I think the situation should have been assessed.  If she was hanging her panties in the front yard for all to view, perhaps she should at least move the line to a more private spot…I don’t care to see someone else’s panties blowing in the wind if I can help it.  But in this day of rising energy costs and use, it just makes good sense for a person to use a clothesline.


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